The Year of Machine Learning

This year various types of organizations are embracing machine learning like it is going out of style – or maybe it would be better to say coming into style. And now with a little investigation on...Read more

Informatica Asserts Its Commitment to the Cloud and Machine Learning

Informatica reintroduced itself to the world at its recent customer conference, Informatica World, in San Francisco. The company took advantage of the event to showcase its new branding in an...Read more

MicroStrategy Deepens Potential of Analytics and BI Platform

I recently attended the MicroStrategy World conference, which was held in Washington, D.C. and it celebrate its 20th anniversary, which is why MicroStrategy hosted the event near its...Read more

Domo Innovates Analytics for Business

Some 3,000 people attended Domo’s recent customer event, called Domopalooza. That’s nearly double the attendance of the previous event, which my colleague Mark Smith covered. Formerly a bit...Read more

SAS Brings Portfolio of Data Science with Viya

I recently attended SAS Institute’s analyst relations conference. There the company provided updates on its financial performance and its Viya platform and a glimpse into some of its future plans....Read more

IoT Challenges Organization and Technological Readiness

The Internet of Things (IoT) is a technology that extends digital connectivity to devices and sensors in homes, businesses, vehicles and potentially almost anywhere. This advance enables virtually...Read more

2017 Big Data Prediction: A’s Replace V’s

Big data initially was characterized in terms of “the three V’s,” volume, velocity and variety. Nearly five years ago I wrote about the three V’s as a way to explain why new and different...Read more

Research Agenda Will Track Big Data and Information Management in 2017

Big data has become an integral part of information management. Nearly all organizations have some need to access big data sources and produce actionable information for decision-makers. Recognizing...Read more

Research Agenda Will Guide Business Analytics in 2017

Ventana Research analysts recently published our research agendas for 2017. As we put together these plans we think about the forces that are shaping the markets that we cover and then craft agendas...Read more

Pentaho 7.0 Brings Visualization and Data Preparation

The business intelligence market is bounded on one side by big data and on the other side by data preparation. That is, to maximize their performance in using information, organizations have to...Read more

MapR Takes Road Less Traveled to Big Data

The big data market continues to evolve, as I have written previously. Vendors are attempting to differentiate their offerings as they seek to encourage customers to pay for technology that they...Read more

IBM and The World of Watson

IBM recently held its inaugural World of Watson event. Formerly known as IBM Insight, and prior to that IBM Information on Demand, the annual event, attended by 17,000 people this year, showcases...Read more

Tableau Prepares for Future with Data Preparation and Collaboration

More than 13,000 self-described “data and visualization nerds” gathered in Austin, TX, recently for Tableau Software’s annual customer conference. In his inaugural keynote, Tableau’s new CEO, Adam...Read more

Big Vendors Deserve Some Respect

Fall is a busy time for software industry analysts. It’s a season filled with vendors’ user conferences and some industry conferences. Throughout the course of attending these events I’ve come to the...Read more

Investigating the Potential of Data Preparation

Data preparation is critical to the effectiveness of both operational and analytic business processes. Operational processes today are fed by streams of constantly generated data. Our data and...Read more

Splunk Delivers Insights from Machines

I recently attended .conf2016, Splunk’s seventh annual user conference. Splunk created the market for analyzing machine data (shorthand for machine-generated data), which consists of log files and...Read more

Big Data Grows Up at Strata+Hadoop World 2016

I recently spent time at Strata+Hadoop World 2016 in New York. I attended this event and its predecessor, Hadoop World, off and on for the past six years. This one in New York had a different feel...Read more

Oracle Goes All In On Cloud

I recently attended Oracle OpenWorld for the first time in several years. The message at this year’s event was clear: Oracle is all in on the cloud. I had heard the message, but I didn’t get the full...Read more

Teradata Takes On Cloud and Developers with Big Data & Analytics

Teradata recently held its annual Partners conference, at which gather several thousand customers and partners from around the world. This was the first Partners event since Vic Lund was appointed...Read more

Research Finds Mobile Analytics and BI Reach Crossroads

Ventana Research has newly published its Mobile Analytics and Business Intelligence 2016 Value Index. The Value Index provides a comprehensive evaluation of vendors and their product offerings across...Read more

A Recipe for Cooking with the Hadoop Ecosystem

It’s part of my job to cover the ecosystem of Hadoop, the open source big data technology, but sometimes it makes my head spin. If this is not your primary job, how can you possibly keep up? I hope...Read more

Denodo Makes Data Virtualization Relevant to Big Data and Analytics

Data virtualization is not new, but it has changed over the years. The term describes a process of combining data on the fly from multiple sources rather than copying that data into a common...Read more

RapidMiner Brings Self-Service to Predictive Analytics

Predictive analytics is a rewarding yet challenging subject. In our benchmark research on next-generation predictive analytics at least half the participants reported that predictive...Read more

Qlik Makes a Qonnection with Qlik Sense 3.0

Qlik helped pioneer the visual discovery market with its QlikView product. In some respects, Qlik and its competitors also spawned the self-service trend rippling through the analytics market today....Read more

Data Lakes: Safe Way to Swim in Big Data?

It has been more than five years since James Dixon of Pentaho coined the term “data lake.” His original post suggests, “If you think of a data mart as a store of bottled water – cleansed and...Read more

Internet of Things Requires Operational Intelligence

The emerging Internet of Things (IoT) is an extension of digital connectivity to devices and sensors in homes, businesses, vehicles and potentially almost anywhere. This innovation means that...Read more

Informatica Advances Big Data Management for Data Preparation and Hadoop

On Monday, March 21, Informatica, a vendor of information management software, announced Big Data Management version 10.1. My colleague Mark Smith covered the introduction of v. 10.0 late...Read more

SAS Analytics Juggernaut Keeps on Truckin’

I recently attended the SAS Analyst Summit in Steamboat Springs, Colo. (Twitter Hashtag #SASSB) The event offers an occasion for the company to discuss its direction and to assess its strengths and...Read more

Spark Summit Shows Momentum in Adoption of Apache Spark

Last week I attended Spark Summit East 2016 at the New York Hilton Midtown. It revealed several ways in which Spark technology might impact the big data market. Apache Spark is an open...Read more

Research Agenda: Big Data and Information Optimization in 2016

The big data market continues to expand and enable new types of analyses, new business models and new revenues streams for organizations that implement these capabilities. Following our previous...Read more

Pardon the Interruption: Industry Veteran Returns to Ventana Research

Some followers of Ventana Research may recall my work here several years ago. Here and elsewhere I have spent most of my career in the data and analytics markets matching user requirements with...Read more

Research Agenda: Using Business Analytics to Make the Most of Data in 2016

Throughout the course of our research in 2016, we’ll be exploring ways in which organizations can maximize the value of their data. Ventana Research believes that analytics is the engine and data is...Read more

Research Uncovers Keys to Using Predictive Analytics

As a technology, predictive analytics has existed for years, but adoption has not been widespread among businesses. In our recent benchmark research on business analytics among more than 2,600...Read more

SAS Advances Big Data and Cloud Computing

I want to share my observations from the recent annual SAS analyst briefing. SAS is a huge software company with a unique culture and a history of success. Being privately held SAS is  not...Read more

Information Management Technology Revolution and Research Agenda for 2012

In our definition, information management encompasses the acquisition, organization, dissemination and use of information by organizations to create and enhance business value. Effective information...Read more

Business Intelligence Revolution and Research Agenda for 2012

For most people involved with business intelligence (BI), these are exciting times. Using BI to improve business processes continues to motivate organizations to invest in BI. The focus on BI also...Read more

Informatica Expands Data Footprint for Business and IT

My colleague Mark Smith and I recently attended data integration vendor Informatica’s annual industry analyst event. The company offered some impressive numbers regarding growth and profitability...Read more

Revolution Analytics Hosts Contest on Business Predicting the Future

Revolution Analytics recently announced the winners of its “Applications of R in Business” contest. Revolution Analytics has built a business around supporting R, an open source statistical...Read more

Technology Terminology: What’s in a Name?

When it comes to technology, debates about whether a particular name suits its category are rampant. Here is a link to one such argument about the term “big data” from Curt Monash, an...Read more

The Big, Cloudy, Mobile and Social World of MicroStrategy

MicroStrategy, one of the largest independent vendors of business intelligence (BI) software, recently held its annual user conference, which I attended with some of my colleagues and more than...Read more

Big Data Is More than Hadoop

We recently published the results of our benchmark research on Big Data to complement the previously published benchmark research on Hadoop and Information Management. Ventana Research...Read more

What Enterprises Can Learn from Major Events and Surprises in 2011

Rather than make predictions for 2012, which are everywhere right now, I want to look back at some of the surprising events of 2011. I think it’s worth considering what happened that wasn’t expected...Read more

Yellowfin 6 Advances Collaboration and Mobility Capabilities

Collaborative and mobile technologies continue to influence business intelligence (BI) software products. The recent release of Yellowfin 6 embraces these innovations in a visually...Read more

Talend 5 Unifies Information Management Platform

Talend recently announced version 5 of its information management platform, which emphasizes unifying its various components. Through a combination of development activities, acquisitions...Read more

Kalido Directs Data Governance

Kalido recently introduced version 9 of its Information Engine product. The company has been around for 10 years but has had difficulty establishing its identity in the information...Read more

Spotfire 4.0 is Socially Collaborative and Interactive

Tibco recently introduced Spotfire 4.0, the most recent version of its interactive discovery and business intelligence (BI) tool. Spotfire comes at BI through visualization. It uses in-memory...Read more

The World of Big Data Gets Even Bigger at Hadoop World

Cloudera’s recent Hadoop World 2011 event confirmed that the world of big data is getting even bigger. As I wrote of last year’s event, Hadoop, the open source large-scale data processing...Read more

IBM Gets Big and Personal with Business Analytics

IBM’s Information on Demand (IOD) event showcased its products for both information management and business intelligence. I’ve covered the information management aspects of IOD in a separate...Read more

IBM Intensifies Information Management Again at IOD

IBM made more than two dozen announcements in conjunction with its recent Information on Demand (IOD) event. In this post I’ll address the impact of IOD from an information management perspective and...Read more

Informatica Parses the World of Hadoop

Informatica recently introduced HParser, an expansion of its capabilities for working with Hadoop data sources. Beginning with Version 9.1, introduced earlier this year, Informatica’s...Read more

QlikView 11 Advances Collaboration and Changes Course on Mobility

QlikTech recently introduced QlikView 11, the latest version of its business intelligence (BI) software, which emphasizes new collaboration features as well as enhancements to its user interface. In...Read more

Oracle Invests Into Information Applications by Acquiring Endeca

In a move that may indicate the beginning of a new wave of activity in the business intelligence (BI) market, Oracle has announced its intention to acquire Endeca. Founded in 1999,...Read more

Teradata: All in the Family of Appliances and Big Data

Teradata recently held its Partners User Group meeting (Twitter hashtag #TDPUG11) in San Diego. Analysts were briefed previously on some of the announcements, which I covered in an earlier...Read more

Oracle Big Data Appliance and Cloud Computing Stand on Shoulders of Giants

Oracle made several announcements at its recent Open World event demonstrating its strengths in the business computing market but also that it is standing on the shoulders of giants. The company...Read more

Steve Jobs Leaves an Indelible Mark on Business Intelligence

About 30 years ago, perhaps on this very day, I was sitting in front of an Apple II working on a VisiCalc spreadsheet. At the time, I don’t think I even knew who Steve Jobs was. I wasn’t in the...Read more

Oracle Unveils the BI Appliance Called Exalytics

Oracle kicked off its Open World 2011 conference with the announcement ofExalytics, a new data warehouse appliance specifically for business intelligence (BI). Three years ago when Oracle introduced...Read more

MicroStrategy Takes Cloud Computing Personally

This has been the year of the cloud for MicroStrategy. After ignoring early competition from cloud-based business intelligence (BI) providers, the company has jumped on the cloud BI bandwagon....Read more

PivotLink Advances Business Analytics in the Cloud

PivotLink introduced version 5 of its Business Intelligence (BI) product, which it delivers in the cloud computing environment and available through software as a service (SaaS) at its user...Read more

Karmasphere Makes Sense of Big Data

Recently Karmasphere introduced version 1.5 of its Analyst product which helps organizations analyze “big data” stored in Hadoop, the open source large-scale data processing technology. An...Read more

Splunk Makes Machine-Generated Big Data Serve Analytics

Splunk may be one of the biggest software companies you’ve never heard of. I’ve been following the seven-year-old company for over six months now and recently attended its second annual user...Read more

The Consumerization of Collaborative BI Has Arrived

We cite collaboration as one of five key technology influences on the business intelligence (BI) market, and I get many questions about collaboration and BI from end users and vendors alike. The rise...Read more

Opera Solutions Adds Science to Predictive Analytics

In preparation for conducting a benchmark research study on predictive analytics, I’ve been speaking with vendors in this market segment to gather background. One of them is Opera Solutions, which I...Read more

Teradata Previews Version 14 to Expand Analytics and Appliances

I recently attended Teradata’s Third-Party Influencers Meeting (Twitter Hashtag #TD3PI) in Las Vegas where the company updated industry analysts and consultants on upcoming product plans and the...Read more

SnapLogic Makes Data Quality in the Cloud a Snap

SnapLogic, a cloud-based data integration vendor, has extended its product linewith new data quality capabilities. This is worth comment because SnapLogic sits at the intersection of two recent...Read more

Yahoo Spins Out Hadoop to Create Hortonworks

For months the speculation was rampant, and now the rumors have proven to be true. Yahoo has officially announced that it will become a player in the emerging Hadoop market. Hadoop provides...Read more

InetSoft Advances Business Intelligence to Deliver Business Analytics

InetSoft is a business intelligence vendor that is not well-known but has more than 3,000 customers. Why do you need to know about another BI vendor? As I’ve written in the past, there’s a place in...Read more

Pentaho 4 Unites Enterprise Business Intelligence and Data Integration

As recently as two years ago, Pentaho was all about open source business intelligence. The company used an open source business model to build a base of more than 1,200 paying customers and establish...Read more

Cloudera Supports Hadoop with New Distribution and Enterprise Version

Cloudera is riding the wave of big data. I first learned about the company while working at Vertica, one of Cloudera’s partners. Customers that managed large amounts of structured relational data...Read more

IBM Gets Smarter about Predictive Analytics

I recently attended IBM’s analyst summit on business analytics. Since last year’s event was largely a preview of Cognos 10, which was several years in the making, I wondered what this...Read more

Informatica Joins Big Data Market with New Release

Informatica has announced version 9.1 for Big Data.  I wrote previously about Informatica 9.1,the latest iteration of the company’s data integration platform, following...Read more

IBM Chooses Hadoop Unity, Not Shipping the Elephant

Last week I attended the IBM Big Data Symposium at the Watson Research Center in Yorktown Heights, N.Y. The event was held in the auditorium where the recent Jeopardy shows featuring the computer...Read more

EMC Enters Elephant Race with Hadoop

Earlier this week EMC announced it will create its own distribution for Apache Hadoop.  Hadoop provides distributed computing capabilities that enable organizations to process very large amounts...Read more

Analytics for IT: Cobbler’s Children Need Shoes

As part of our largest-ever research study on business analytics, which surveyed more than 2,600 organizations covering the maturity and competency of business, IT and vertical industries, we looked...Read more

Predictive Analytics Are on the Rise

In various forms, business intelligence (BI) – as queries, reporting, dashboards and online analytical processing (OLAP) – is being used increasingly widely. And as basic BI capabilities spread to...Read more

The Information Management Technology Revolution in 2011

The information management (IM) technology market is undergoing a revolution similar to the one in the business intelligence (BI) market. We define information management as the acquisition,...Read more

The Business Intelligence Technology Revolution in 2011

The business intelligence (BI) technology market is undergoing a revolution. I’ve been working in this segment for 20 years, and it is and has been an exciting market in which to work, but its...Read more

SAS and its Business Intelligence & Information Management Direction

I recently attended SAS Institute’s annual analyst conference. My colleague covered the multibillion-dollar company’s strategy and the event. Now I want to look into some of the details of SAS’s...Read more

SAP Enterprise Information Management 4.0: A Technology Secret

SAP has launched its Enterprise Information Management (EIM) 4.0 release as part of its “Run Better Tour.”  It includes a broad range of information management components spanning data...Read more

Aster Data is Now Part of the New Teradata

There has been a spate of acquisitions in the data warehousing and business analytics market in recent months. In May 2010 SAP announced an agreement to acquire Sybase, primarily for its...Read more

Secrets Revealed in Columnar Database Technology

This is the second in a series of posts on the architectures of analytic databases. The first post addressed massively parallel processing (MPP) and database technology. In this post, we’ll look at...Read more

Living in the Era of Hadoop and Large-Scale Data

It’s clear that now we are living in the era of big data. The stores of data on which modern businesses rely are already vast and increasing at an unprecedented pace. Organizations are capturing data...Read more

SAP Business Intelligence 4.0

Last week SAP launched the 4.0 Release of its Business Intelligence and Enterprise Information Management products in conjunction with the New York City stop on its “SAP Run Better Tour”. My...Read more

Informatica Stays with Its Strengths in Data Integration

At Informatica’s recent industry analyst summit, Chris Boorman, the company’s chief marketing officer, opened the event by describing Informatica as expanding beyond its core offering in data...Read more

Kognitio Pablo Brings MDX to Data and Analytics

Kognitio announced the addition of MultiDimensional eXpressions (MDX) capabilities for its WX2 product line. John Thompson, CEO of U.S. operations, and Sean Jackson, VP of marketing, shared some...Read more

MicroStrategy Combines Actions with Business Intelligence and Mobility

Last week I attended MicroStrategy World 2011 in Las Vegas, the North American version of the business intelligence (BI) vendor’s annual user conference. The event was well attended, and the...Read more

Jaspersoft Releases Version 4 and Tackles Large-Scale Data

Open source business intelligence (BI) software vendor Jaspersoft recently announced general availability of its flagship product Jaspersoft 4 and earlier this week announced a new...Read more

Secrets Revealed in Massively Parallel Processing and Database Technology

This is the first in a series of posts on the architectures of analytic databases. This is relational database technology that has been “supercharged” in some way to handle large amounts of data such...Read more

Clouds are Raining Corporate Data

Cloud computing is having an increasingly large influence over the IT landscape. It’s likely that, whether you realize it or not, corporate data exists and or is migrating outside the walls of your...Read more

Salesforce Analytics Identify a Break in the Clouds

Last week I attended’s Dreamforce user conference in San Francisco (Twitter #DF10). As a user of salesforce applications for the last four years in my previous positions, I was...Read more

Talend Pushes Boundaries of Open Source Software Model

Talend, a vendor of open source data integration tools, recently announced its acquisition of Sopera, an open source application integration company whose products are based on a service-oriented...Read more

Search Will Rise Again

There’s a lot going on in search technology still, or again, depending on your perspective. We’ve analyzed search in a business context periodically over the years. I want to provide some more...Read more

Tableau 6 Combines In-Memory Processing and Visualization

Tableau Software officially released Version 6 of its product this week. Tableau approaches business intelligence from the end user’s perspective, focusing primarily on delivering tools that...Read more

Advantages and Challenges of In-Memory Databases and Processing

Interest in and development of in-memory technologies have increased over the last few years, driven in part by widespread availability of affordable 64-bit hardware and operating systems and the...Read more

IBM Makes InfoSphere Information Server a Force in IT

In the weeks leading up to and as part of its Information On Demand Conference that my colleague assessed, IBM introduced version 8.5 of InfoSphere Information Server and several related product...Read more

Cognos 10 Breaks Down Barriers To Business Intelligence and Analytics

On October 25, IBM introduced Cognos 10 at its Information on Demand and Business Analytics Forum in Las Vegas that I attended to review the technology closer from my examination at its recent...Read more

Qlik Here for My View of QlikView 10

My colleague recently wrote about QlikView, noting its rapid ascent to providing a very robust support of mobile technology platforms among BI vendors and integration with SAP. On the occasion...Read more

Putting Hadoop To Work

If you enjoyed my previous blog, “Hadoop Is the Elephant in the Room,” perhaps you’d be interested in what your organization might do with Hadoop. As I mentioned, the Hadoop World event this...Read more

Hadoop Is the Elephant in the Room

Earlier this week I attended Hadoop World in New York City. Hosted by Cloudera, the one-day event was by almost all accounts a smashing success. Attendance was approximately double that of last...Read more

What Is Wrong with Business Intelligence?

I attended the IBM Business Analytics Analyst Summit in Ottawa and while I can’t tell you much about what was discussed there due to confidentiality restrictions that will be released shortly, I can...Read more

It’s Alive!: A Look at Why the Software Ecosystem Matters to You.

With the ongoing spate of mergers and acquisitions in the software industry, I’d like to offer some perspective on what these acquisitions mean to software-purchasing organizations. Think of the...Read more

Joining the Ventana Research Team and Community

Here’s a big shout-out to the Ventana Research community. I’m happy to be here. I think it would be appropriate to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about why I’m here and what I hope...Read more

Tableau 6 Combines In-Memory Processing and Visualization

Tableau Software officially released Version 6 of its product this week. Tableau approaches business intelligence from the end user’s perspective, focusing primarily on delivering tools...Read more

Softscape Demonstrates Leadership in Managing Talent with New Release

Cliché or not, a business’s most valuable asset is its people, and for 15 years Softscape has been dedicated to providing applications that help human resources organizations handle a range of...Read more

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